WE Doin’ It ASAP!!!

Ok now this is what we’re going to do… Lets put together a little West Coast sound with a hint of Down South swag and mix it all together with some East Coast roots and what we have is…a rapper named ASAP Rocky. The best taste your ears have heard since the beginning of gangster rap. Now don’t get your panties all in a bunch because I said “gangster” rap, he does talk about money, hoes, and clothes… and drugs… and guns you know that other gangster shit. But wait wait wait, he also talks about listening to your elders. Now what youngster does that now-a-days?

There is more to ASAP then what you initially hear, this kid gets very creative as he displays in his recent mix tape LiveLoveA$Ap. He does a great job at sounding different and original, if he didn’t rep where he was from I would have assumed either the West or the South. He has a very smooth flow, word play is out of this world!

Now after all this I do have to admit I almost slept on this cat. The first time I heard him I didn’t like him, I skimmed through some shit and it didn’t catch my ear. but my boi Benro told me to go back and listen again and now I must say ASAP Rocky is officially a favorite over here @DISTINCTSOUND. N’ we not give’n those out loosely so take heed people! So check the track n’ post back. (that means post a comment mofo’s!!!) Holla back next week!


Childish Gambino… WTF IS THAT???

He’s the one next up in line, if you’re looking for some quality, wit, and creativity in your itunes playlist. Now won’t that sound good coming out your earbuds? This guy will excite you, I’m convinced you can’t not listen (is that correct grammar, who cares!) he is that clever when he opens his mouth.

After listening to all his available mix tapes I could find, I heard some things that we all may need to pay attention to. I won’t speak about specific songs because I want you to dig into the music yourself. But I will give you my outlined opinion… Whatever that’s worth. (Lol, that was a joke.)

First things first the beats are very good, that’s not what this is all about (the beats that is) but I don’t care what nobody says beats are important. Secondly Gambinos’ delivery on these track are what catch your attention and the flow keeps it. Thirdly is that wit and word play, it’ll have you say’n this mathafuckas’ crazy.

Don’t just take my words for it, listen for yourself. I promise if you hit back and post you don’t like the shit I will personally give you your 4 minutes of time back!!! But real talk, like I wrote before this guy is the next in line, check out the track n’ post back. (that shit rhymed Lol!!!) Holla back next week.

Track 1. Do Ya Like.mp3

Track 2. Put It In My Video.mp3

Track 3. Bitch Look At Me Now.mp3

Links for MIXTAPES: 1. Culdesac   2. The Great Gambino   3. I Don’t Talk