Open Yo Ears to Listen not just Hear!!!

If you haven’t heard any conscious rap lately it’s not because it doesn’t exist it’s because you haven’t downloaded any Kendrick Lamar. Now when I say conscious I mean this is the 99%’er, occupy hip hop rap leader right here. REAL TALK!  Lamar fills ear holes with a Chuck D up front type style but the creativity and content is a breath of fresh air…

Section 80, Lamars’ latest mix tape, is 16 tracks of frankly a different type of rapper. THANK YOU GOD!!! Not just his originality but the lyrical content. He is talking about something worth listening to. Section 80’s content is an explanation of the psyche of todays enter city youth to music, basically shut up, listen, and learn!!! If that doesn’t keep the ear buds glued in your ear holes Lamar’s’ delivery and flow will. Even though it’s a very laid back nonchalant sound don’t be fooled because this guy is a smart ass… Lol, he sounds like he’s “that guy” who talks bad about people to their face then makes them lean over to the person next to them and ask, “did he just insult me?”. This clearly shines through in his lyrics and word play.

Alone with the delivery and content the production for the album is flawless and complements Lamar’s sound. If any of that sounds good to you, Section 80 will be one of your fav mix tapes. If it’s not I don’t know what’s wrong with you. smh… So check the track n’ post back. (that means post a comment mofo’s!!!) Holla back next week!


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