Now That’s Odd…

Have you heard of Odd Future, or better yet Tyler the Creator? Before we get into this, the first order of business, brace yourself for the ride. Odd Future is the group and Tyler the Creator seems to lead the group. My first impression of them was “these niggas are just crazy!!!” but at the same time Odd Future is getting all kinds of attention. So I asked myself, hmmm is Odd Future wasting our time with shit they call music? The answer is simply NO! These guys are hip hop, period. They’re creative, they’re talented, and best of all they know how to make you look turn away in  discuss and then look again. You will soon understand…

When you check the tracks, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! The shock factor of these lyrics I’m rating as a 10… and this rating is coming from someone who has heard and said some F’d up ISH (that’s fucked up shit for those of you who didn’t catch that). Tyler’s latest mixtape BASTARD is a prime example where you’ll hear references to murder, rape, and gay lures. Here also he gives raw emotion in the lyric and somewhat disturbing insight on his thought process… #imjustsayn’. Better yet check out Tyler’s video Yonkers, WARNING: this video will not doubt shock you so be ready, Lol!!!

Even though the group creates these images doesn’t mean that’s what they want to do. It’s ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE, I only tell you to brace yourself (jokingly) so that you can get over it! Get pass the shock and recognize the talent and creativity. These guys are giving you the stories of today’s youth and how they think, then put it into music. If you want a small understanding of todays teens, I present to you Odd Future. I’m excited to see what’s next for Tyler the Creator and Odd Future so take action check the track n’ post back. (that means post a comment mofo’s!!!) Holla back next week!


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