I Like This Guy!

His name is Terrace Martin and he is about to re-introduce you to some real music. Now this is an experience of chilled vibes, the sound is very “r&b’ish”. If you’re looking for something different that’s not so hard and tough, then this is perfect! Terrace Martin has a very grown and sexy sound. Now don’t get it twisted he is hip hop and you can hear the gangster roots in some of his music. With that said I would describe him as a cocktail of Wale and Raheem DeVaughn mixed into one artist. So if you’re ready to hear some adult music and do what adults do… (if you know what I mean) then you need to load that iPod with some Terrace Martin.

Like I said Terrace Martin is adult music which has adult subject matter and sound to it. His lyrical style is smooth and so west coast. Yes he’s from the West!  Terreac’s lyrics are heavily based around relationships, life, and lust… along with a little reefer smoking and alcoholic beverage drinking. (Hahaha that was funny) This may be why his sound has such a chilled vibe to it. The beats he delivers on have a lot of horns, piano, and just an all around jazz feel to them. It’s something my parents may enjoy but at the same time it’s a sound that attacks the younger crowd also. Just to prove this, I was put on game about Terrace Martin by my 16 year old cousin Mark. (not that his name is important to know but…. whatever) His sound attracts all ages is what I am trying to get across, dang…

So fill up the iPod with some real music… Thought From Detention, Here, My Dear, and Locke High I am positive you won’t be disappointed with any of it. No matter what, let me know what you think (you know what that means) check the track n’ post back. Holla back next week!

U Keep Calling

Some Other Shit

Roll Up


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