New Year of Hot Talent!!!!

So I’m back y’all!!! After taking a week off for the new year. Hope you all stayed safe and didn’t get too crazy! Well with all that extra time I found something extra special. I say special because it’s the first woman (of many) on Distinct Sound. And she aint on here just because she’s a woman, trust… I am very excited to introduce Toni Monroe!!! She’s a West Coast bred flame out of LA and one of the hottest female MC’s I’ve heard since Nicki Minaj. But her sound, unlike Nicki is very strong, rough, and raw. So don’t be fooled by the innocent face because her lyrics are nasty!

The lyrics of Toni Monroe are like that of an OG rap artist, she will re-establish your thought of the female MC. Monroe’s lyrics display a knowledge beyond her years. In her music her voice will almost take you back, late 80’s early 90’s, and give you a feel of a sound between Mc Lyte and Queen LatifahBut her lyrics are no doubt one of a kind. With the rap game dominated by men and moving in a direction of the more lyrical MC, Toni Monroe will be able to hold her own and shine bright in the mist of the big boys. And even with that strong delivery her lyrics flow seamlessly with every beat, her new mixtape, Big Girl Cookies, puts the talent front and central.

FOLKS don’t just take my word, check her out and try to prove me wrong. Toni Monroe is simply undeniably dope! If you can find a hotter female MC out now, I like to hear her… Until next week check the tracks and post back!!!

Cali Swag

Through A Open Door

Rockin With T. Dot Monroe


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