Moving MidWest

What y’all know about the flavor out in the midwest… I bet other than Kanye not a damn thang. Well y’all gone learn today!!! (in my Kevin Hart voice). What I got for you this week is PERCEPTION, that’s not the name of this weeks artist, it’s what keeps people in the dark… Definition perceptionthe act or faculty of apprehending by means of the sensor of the mind; cognition; understanding. Perception, or the lack thereof, will keep you from hearing artist like what we got for you this week. The Cool Kids are definitely not the status quo but what they are is more important.

The Cool Kids, a duo composed of  rappers Antoine “Sir Michael Rocks” Reed out of Illinois (the MidWest!) and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll out of Michigan (also the MidWest!) With most of the production from the group member Chuck Inglish. The sound is out of this world laid back, with a heavy dose of 808 boom. Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish complement this production perfectly, with their similar laid back & nonchalant voices they almost sound like they not having fun. But their lyrics are less on the punch lines and more on story telling, which consist of women, fashion, shoes, & other shit…

All n’ all don’t let your perceptions of what music is supposed to be, keep you from experiencing some true quality. Check the latest album by The Cool Kids, When Fish Ride Bikes, and some of the tracks from the album. Til next week you know what to do. Check the track & post back!!!

Penny Hardaway


Rush Hour


What White Girls Say in the Bay!!!

No this isn’t another dumb ass YouTube video… This your weekly post of another dope artist! K.Flay and yes you guessed it, even though she’s a mid-west native out of Illinois, she has made a mark here in the Bay Area. And we would say she reps her city well. Now don’t be fooled because, one she’s white or that two she’s a female, because not only will you be thoroughly impressed by her lyrics you may get yo feelings hurt… K.Flay holds nothing back. If you can relate to the truth and enjoy unmatched creativity then this is a download for your MP3. I’m gone say MP3 cuz I been plugin apple iPod too much and I sho nuff aint gettin paid for that ish…

K.Flay doesn’t have one song on either mix tape, “Eyes Shut” & “I Stopped Caring in 96“, that’s bad. What she does have is skill! THIS WHITE GIRL GOT FLOW!!! Don’t just take my word for it, check both mix tapes. I would say she has a Gwen Stefani sound from those No Doubt days… The production of the tracks from both albums are simply great and complement her free spirit sound. It’s a treat to listen to these albums. Her delivery on these tracks are originally something of her own. With her fearless creativity and unique sound K.Flay is going to blow your mind!

So let me know what y’all think about this one because I feel there is high potential here. And don’t see how anyone could disagree, but we’ll see and like every week… CHECK THE TRACK n’ POST BACK!!!

Elle Fanning

Easy Fix

Doctor Don’t Know

Adele Oh Adele…

Music is a powerful thing, with the recent events in music this post is a side track from our regular rap and hip hop post but I believe its well over due. We just lost one of the most influential and amazing voices to walk this earth in Whitney Houston. And the world has officially been introduced to one of the closest  acceptable substitutes ever in Adele. And when I say subsitute its meant in the up most respect to both women. Whitney will never be replaceable and Adele doesn’t need to replace anyone to be what she is now, simply great! This women’s voice is amazing and her connection with her music is only comparable to a mother and her first born child. She can not and will not be denied her place in music history.

I am a 26 year old male in a wonderful relationship and can honestly say that Adele’s album 21 is one of the greatest creations I have ever witnessed in my life, and let me tell you my greatest album list is some that would be appreciated by all walks. #imjustsayn’ I only refer to my relationship because if you’re one of the few humans in this world who hasn’t heard her album let me let you in on a BIG secret… The album is about life, the part of life we only speak of in private. The part of life that hurts so much, but at the same time feels so good that we repeat the same self-inflicted pain over and over and over and one more time again. Then again, before we find the greatest completion to our lives. But until then a broken and incomplete heart is what we carry with us. Her entire album is about just that, a broken heart. But she packages this message to the world with heavenly sounds behind a voice filled with wisdom and confidence. Not to metion the obvious pain which can only come from a lover scorn. So if you haven’t yet purchased and listened to this complete album please take a moment and change your life by doing so.

I close this one quoting the late great Steve Jobs during his cominsment speech for the graduates of Stanford University in 2005 saying “death is the single best invention of life, its life’s change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you”… Adele. So cheers and congratulations to you!!! We can’t wait to see what you present to us, the world, in the future, life willing. So folks enjoy, live, hurt, and love… Its all intended to build you into the next Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, or Adele… check the tracks and post back.

Take It All

Turning Tables

Someone Like You

Wax In Yo Ears

Back again folk, this week to put some Wax in yo ears. Yes, DistinctSound wants Wax in yo ears not out of them!!! We are excited to present to you Michael Jones… or better know as Wax! An MC out of Maryland who will fill your Ipod with great rhythm and vibes. If there was an official sound track for driving around on a perfect spring day with the windows down, the wind in yo hair, and the sun glowing on your face with no where to go… Wax’s mix tape Scrublife would be that sound track. So if you have any type of imagination and can feel me on that one, then Wax needs to be in yo deck!!!

Wax is an MC with a smooth delivery and genius lyrics that will have you on the floor in tears from laugh’n so hard. This is even before you hear the lyrics of Dale Firebird, Wax’s alter-ego, and his track “American Beer”. The production of Scrublife is something I would describe as a laid back sound, some feel good music. Then with his countless references to alcohol you can’t go wrong with that… Not to mention his artful ability of story telling, which he executes with ease. Wax is one MC who should be put on repeat.

So don’t sleep on this on people, because after too long Wax will be world wide. Ok, ok, check this out do yourself a favor and be the first out of the crew to introduce this dope MC! Because I  can promise you they won’t know about him until you tell about him… #imjustsayn’ But until next week, and like I have said every time before CHECK THE TRACKS N POST BACK!!!

Two Wheels

American Beer

Dispensary Girl

Eat All Your Veggies!!! Or Else…

What’s good, back at it again with another hot artist. Casey Veggies, this is a kid out of LA… Im not doing this on purpose, promise!!!, its just where the heat is coming from. If ya’ll can’t take the heat, then get out this kitchen! Im just saying, the west coast is making a statement. The statement is: WE BACK! If you don’t believe me then continue listening to those stale ass tracks you’ve been listening to for the past few months… If you want the latest hot-ness for your ipod check this out!

Casey Veggies is a talented young MC from the Odd Future crew, who wanted to go dolo. But trust and believe there is no bad blood, he actually features Tyler the Creator on the DTA track. Young Veggie’s Sleeping In Class mix tape is hella dope! His lyrics are a story, if you can appreciate the art of story telling, you will appreciate this one. Veggie tells stories of his world, and how he turns his grind of trying to make it into a lyrical motion picture for the mind. The kid is CRAY… Ok, that last line was a little lame, but you get it. The production of this mix tape completes it. Now this is something you will just have to experience for yourself, but I am more then certain you will be satisfied.

So make some room in that ipod for quality instead of that ish you got in there now. MAN Im doing you a favor, I should start charging for this, just kidding. On the real if you don’t download this one you missing out, but don’t just take my words for it. You know what to do, check the track and post back!!!

Can I Live


Ridin’ Roun Town (Remix)