Eat All Your Veggies!!! Or Else…

What’s good, back at it again with another hot artist. Casey Veggies, this is a kid out of LA… Im not doing this on purpose, promise!!!, its just where the heat is coming from. If ya’ll can’t take the heat, then get out this kitchen! Im just saying, the west coast is making a statement. The statement is: WE BACK! If you don’t believe me then continue listening to those stale ass tracks you’ve been listening to for the past few months… If you want the latest hot-ness for your ipod check this out!

Casey Veggies is a talented young MC from the Odd Future crew, who wanted to go dolo. But trust and believe there is no bad blood, he actually features Tyler the Creator on the DTA track. Young Veggie’s Sleeping In Class mix tape is hella dope! His lyrics are a story, if you can appreciate the art of story telling, you will appreciate this one. Veggie tells stories of his world, and how he turns his grind of trying to make it into a lyrical motion picture for the mind. The kid is CRAY… Ok, that last line was a little lame, but you get it. The production of this mix tape completes it. Now this is something you will just have to experience for yourself, but I am more then certain you will be satisfied.

So make some room in that ipod for quality instead of that ish you got in there now. MAN Im doing you a favor, I should start charging for this, just kidding. On the real if you don’t download this one you missing out, but don’t just take my words for it. You know what to do, check the track and post back!!!

Can I Live


Ridin’ Roun Town (Remix)


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