Wax In Yo Ears

Back again folk, this week to put some Wax in yo ears. Yes, DistinctSound wants Wax in yo ears not out of them!!! We are excited to present to you Michael Jones… or better know as Wax! An MC out of Maryland who will fill your Ipod with great rhythm and vibes. If there was an official sound track for driving around on a perfect spring day with the windows down, the wind in yo hair, and the sun glowing on your face with no where to go… Wax’s mix tape Scrublife would be that sound track. So if you have any type of imagination and can feel me on that one, then Wax needs to be in yo deck!!!

Wax is an MC with a smooth delivery and genius lyrics that will have you on the floor in tears from laugh’n so hard. This is even before you hear the lyrics of Dale Firebird, Wax’s alter-ego, and his track “American Beer”. The production of Scrublife is something I would describe as a laid back sound, some feel good music. Then with his countless references to alcohol you can’t go wrong with that… Not to mention his artful ability of story telling, which he executes with ease. Wax is one MC who should be put on repeat.

So don’t sleep on this on people, because after too long Wax will be world wide. Ok, ok, check this out do yourself a favor and be the first out of the crew to introduce this dope MC! Because I  can promise you they won’t know about him until you tell about him… #imjustsayn’ But until next week, and like I have said every time before CHECK THE TRACKS N POST BACK!!!

Two Wheels

American Beer

Dispensary Girl


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