Adele Oh Adele…

Music is a powerful thing, with the recent events in music this post is a side track from our regular rap and hip hop post but I believe its well over due. We just lost one of the most influential and amazing voices to walk this earth in Whitney Houston. And the world has officially been introduced to one of the closest  acceptable substitutes ever in Adele. And when I say subsitute its meant in the up most respect to both women. Whitney will never be replaceable and Adele doesn’t need to replace anyone to be what she is now, simply great! This women’s voice is amazing and her connection with her music is only comparable to a mother and her first born child. She can not and will not be denied her place in music history.

I am a 26 year old male in a wonderful relationship and can honestly say that Adele’s album 21 is one of the greatest creations I have ever witnessed in my life, and let me tell you my greatest album list is some that would be appreciated by all walks. #imjustsayn’ I only refer to my relationship because if you’re one of the few humans in this world who hasn’t heard her album let me let you in on a BIG secret… The album is about life, the part of life we only speak of in private. The part of life that hurts so much, but at the same time feels so good that we repeat the same self-inflicted pain over and over and over and one more time again. Then again, before we find the greatest completion to our lives. But until then a broken and incomplete heart is what we carry with us. Her entire album is about just that, a broken heart. But she packages this message to the world with heavenly sounds behind a voice filled with wisdom and confidence. Not to metion the obvious pain which can only come from a lover scorn. So if you haven’t yet purchased and listened to this complete album please take a moment and change your life by doing so.

I close this one quoting the late great Steve Jobs during his cominsment speech for the graduates of Stanford University in 2005 saying “death is the single best invention of life, its life’s change agent, it clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you”… Adele. So cheers and congratulations to you!!! We can’t wait to see what you present to us, the world, in the future, life willing. So folks enjoy, live, hurt, and love… Its all intended to build you into the next Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston, or Adele… check the tracks and post back.

Take It All

Turning Tables

Someone Like You


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