What White Girls Say in the Bay!!!

No this isn’t another dumb ass YouTube video… This your weekly post of another dope artist! K.Flay and yes you guessed it, even though she’s a mid-west native out of Illinois, she has made a mark here in the Bay Area. And we would say she reps her city well. Now don’t be fooled because, one she’s white or that two she’s a female, because not only will you be thoroughly impressed by her lyrics you may get yo feelings hurt… K.Flay holds nothing back. If you can relate to the truth and enjoy unmatched creativity then this is a download for your MP3. I’m gone say MP3 cuz I been plugin apple iPod too much and I sho nuff aint gettin paid for that ish…

K.Flay doesn’t have one song on either mix tape, “Eyes Shut” & “I Stopped Caring in 96“, that’s bad. What she does have is skill! THIS WHITE GIRL GOT FLOW!!! Don’t just take my word for it, check both mix tapes. I would say she has a Gwen Stefani sound from those No Doubt days… The production of the tracks from both albums are simply great and complement her free spirit sound. It’s a treat to listen to these albums. Her delivery on these tracks are originally something of her own. With her fearless creativity and unique sound K.Flay is going to blow your mind!

So let me know what y’all think about this one because I feel there is high potential here. And don’t see how anyone could disagree, but we’ll see and like every week… CHECK THE TRACK n’ POST BACK!!!

Elle Fanning

Easy Fix

Doctor Don’t Know


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