Where’s the Talent…

Does quality matter to you? Or are you interested in the buzz of a new movement? This blog is interested in both but quality will always take precedence over buzz ‘roun here! I only ask because we pride ourselves on bringing you all the hottest MCs around. If you haven’t heard XXL Magazine has dropped their annual #XXL Freshman 2012, we checked it out and there are very few features that we agree with. Just knowing what’s out there compared to what XXL published… maybe we’re reacting too soon but as of right now we think there is better.

Now don’t get it twisted, the list is ok and the artist that do stand out we think have a lot of potential. Others on the list may not have it quality wise (in our opinion) but have big time backing. Which means they have a better chance because they can get more exposure. On the flip side… There are some artist on this list that in our opinion are just straight WACK! Plain and simple. But we are not here to name anyone, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT Y’ALL TO TELL US!!!

What we want to do now is throw you a grab bag of artist, some from the list and some randoms (good and bad), we just want to know what y’all think. Are we moving in the right direction? Do we really know quality? Is quality even important in the game today or is it all about the buzz you create? So check these artists out and let us know.

Iggy Azalea: Has created lots of buzz with her recent signing and latest mix tape Ignorant Art

Toni Monroe: True MC who lets her lyrics define her, displayed in her latest mix tape Big Girl Cookies

Hopsin: With big buzz from YouTube videos & looking to break through, check his latest project Haywire 2

RKayne: Showing his talents and creating some buzz around his name with Stop Snitchin’ Money is Motive


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