Hot New Underground Artist: Dominique Young Unique

Coming back to y’all with a rejuvenated spirit and this new hot underground artist to match. Dominique Young Unique is her name and her sound is definitely unique. The first time I heard her, I loved the sounds. In my opinion she is a great representation of hip hop today. With her in your face lyrics and unpredictable sound, nothing she does will ever get old.

Coming out of Tampa, Florida her music really mirrors the diverse influence in which she lives in. From her 3 mixtapes I checked out, DominationGlamorous Touch & Stupid Pretty , tracks go from 808 all bass gangster slap to a dub step party clap. And her flow changes to match, honestly the shit is pretty impressive! Her lyrics reflect her age and because of that I soon see a huge following behind her. If the majors were smart they’d snatch this girl up in a second, I know I would.

Like I always tell you don’t just take my word for it… You’ve also been warned her name is Dominique Young UNIQUE and she’s just that! But it’s something that’s needed (the uniqueness I mean). So embrace it, then check the tracks and post back.

My Success

Glamorous Touch

Get Out My Shoes


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