HOT UNDERGROUND HIP HOP ARTIST: I Just Don’t Know If… “I Don’t Like”

Underground Hip Hop artist Chief Keef

Underground Hip Hop artist Chief Keef

Hot Underground Hip Hop Artist: Chief Keef

After Kanye blessed this 16-year-old from the Chi by remixing his, soon to be classic club banger,  he has been on the overtime grind. Chief Keef along with a handful of other Chicago grown artist have kept this buzz BLAZING. If you haven’t heard then I am 100% convinced that you literally live under a rock… NO BS! My only question is, are we wrong  to bring him to you for the sake of try to celebrating underground HIP HOP? Chief Keef’s lyrics are not what we would call, complex or even complete sentences (im just saying) But what Chief Keef is that makes him so hip hop is his grind!!! And at 16 years of age that something that can’t be denied.

Now if you are some of the few who don’t know bout Chief Keef, you will from his mixtape “Back From The Dead“. Where his lyrics create stories that describe his life and environment, which frankly are very straight to the point, violent, and disrespectful to females and anyone else he don’t like. As illustrated in “I Don”t Like” and every other track on this mixtape. If I had to describe his style I would say he was Waka Flacka’s son… You will see what I mean when you hear this, but I can say he has that “it” factor

Hope to see nothing but success on his way to the top because he is on his way… So check him out and let us know where we went wrong. Check the track and post back!!!

I Don’t Like


Save That Shit



Underground Hip Hop Mixtape Review

This is a compilation of REAL HIP HOP artist from this blog and some who are not… But all of it is HOT SHIT!!! (that means, it sounds good). From where I’m from being a DJ (which I am a real DJ) means that you master the art of mixing. Others may call it blending but whatever you call it you can’t deny it’s DOPE. If you check the artist we feature you can see we know what we talkin bout… If you can APPRECIATE the art of mixing and understand this is a skill, then you’ll love this. Listen to it! Download it! Love it!!! Check the Track, Post Back.

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