Album Review: Dreams & Nightmares

This album is a must have for the simple fact that Meek Mills shows he’s the hungriest rapper in the game with this one… In my opinion Dreams & Nightmares continues to display Meek Mills ability in the art of storytelling, but at the same time, this album has its slight inconsistency. These inconsistency are highlighted on “Young & Gettin It” a track featuring Kirko Bangz, where Meek doesn’t seem to bring his all lyrically. Even so that isn’t enough to over shadow the clear hunger in his lyrics on any track. Don’t misunderstand though Dreams & Nightmare has some flaws (but what doesn’t) this album is still a must have!!! It truly increases the stock of Meek Mills, adding to his catalogue. From his two outstanding mixtapes, Dreamchasers 1 & 2, and the buzz around him since his signing with Rick Ross the best is yet to come from Meek Mills. If he keeps moving in this direction, you better not blink, because Meek Mills will soon enough drop a classic! And I will be one of the first to happily say “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”


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