Does this mean HIP HOP is Back?

Just finished listening to Creative Gold’s mixtape “Creative Thoughts VOL. 2” and it keeps my faith in #REALHIPHOP. I love music, I know music, and Creative Gold created platinum with this one. “Creative Thoughts Vol. 1”, his prior mixtape, showed he had the potential to create a buzz that he could build upon. With his latest mixtape, the Brooklyn raised rapper Creative Gold has struck gold. And this is the buzz I knew he could create!!! Now this mixtape is a platform to showcase the all around skills he possesses as an artist, rapper, lyricist…This kid is crazy good!

Creative Thoughts Vol. 2 has plenty different sounds with the production but he excels on EVERY last track. His range seems limitless, meaning he can jump on any track and kill it. Even better Creative Gold’s lyrics are scary beyond his life on this earth. The 18 year old rapper will blow your mind with his word play on the “Serial Killer” track. With his skills and young age it feels as if he’s a Lebron James of rap.

Understand where I’m coming from, download Creative Thoughts Vol. 2 and try not to feel this shit. The kid won’t be denied, he will blow!!! Check the tracks and holla back…

Pose for the Picture

The Fear/100

Serial Killer


One Comment on “Does this mean HIP HOP is Back?”

  1. Lebron James of RAP! Wow! He is that amazing! Great post!

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