Do You Understand “Kids These Days”???

Kids These Days

Stumbled across this group last week and was initially blown away by what I was hearing, the sound of the horns to my ears felt as good as a breeze on a  humid 98 degree summer day.  In the first few minutes of listening I start looking for information about this group. Surprisingly, I find that this sound I thought was a group is classified as a band. What? A band? A band with real instruments! Bands are not usually associated with hip hop (but not unknown to the culture). So it immediately made me wonder, does it qualify as hip hop or NO??? And as I struggle to decide if I should write of this beautiful creation, I came across a fellow blogger Ido Lanuel whose post titled “How to Find the Root to Anything That Is Bothering You” brought me to this conclusion. Who am I to be the judge? The sound this band, Kids These Days, is creating is a great one. It is a great example to the youth and brings us all together with positive energy. Now that’s my vision for this culture and what I believe we are striving to help bring back! So that makes Kids These Days and their recent mixtape “Traphouse Rock” hip hop.

Kids These Days’ new mixtape “Traphouse Rock” is a fusion of Hip HopJazz, and Soul, with a twist of Rock that they blend perfectly to the point of making you feel happy on the inside. Each genre you hear rotates through from track to track controlling the mood of the song; with a wide range of emotions between every song. For example, you can look forward to hearing a very laid back sound with a down south feel of Soul/ Blues. And next an upbeat with a hip hop/ rock kind of feel. Granted I do think the listener needs to have an ear that appreciates real instrument sound, like a real sax or a real guitar player or a real drummer. Picture The Roots with a live band kinda… I don’t know it just sounds good!

But don’t just take my word, like I tell you every week, CHECK THE TRACKS! You will find at least one track you love. Then let us know we were right by leaving a comment and saying so (just kidding). But whatever you do, at least if you’re going to read this you might as well listen… Til next time, check the tracks and post back!!!

Wasting Time


Bud Billiken


One Comment on “Do You Understand “Kids These Days”???”

  1. […] Rap will be one of the top mixtapes of the year! With features from Twista, Childish Gambino, and Kids These Days and some of the most abstract production, makes Acid Rap a masterpiece. Chance the Rapper shows […]

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