ReaL Hip Hop Review: Priest Andretti

Artist: Curren$y

Mixtape: Priest Andretti

I must admit I am not one of those big Curren$y fans but I have to say Priest Andretti deserves some attention. Not because this mixtape is out of the ordinary with any other Curren$y mixtape. In my opinion (which I just realized) that’s the beauty of all his music. Curren$y is telling The #REALHIPHOP version of The NeverEnding Story!!! He just goes forever to the next chapter…  Telling the story of his journey highlighting the women and heavy marijuana smoke that he encounters along the way. He is also as consistent with the phenomenal production through out this mixtape, as he does with almost every record. I’d say Priest Andretti is something you can look forward to listening to. Now go click on the picture below & download the mixtape!!! You’re welcome. 

Curren$y’s latest mixtape “Priest Andretti”


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