Tell Ya Friends About This!!!

King Chip

So I was listening to some Curren$y the other day (Priest Andretti of course) and heard this voice that just flat lined the track. Had to find out who it was…The name said King Chip??? Huh, Who? So I found King Chip on the most reputable site known to man…Wikipedia duh. Come to find out King Chip is a name change. Even with that said you still ain’t gone know who this is, if that was the case I wouldn’t be writing about him now. But I know as you read this your like, I know every tight rapper known to man (in your smart guy voice) So you’ve heard of Chip tha Ripper… NO! You HAVE NOT! And lyrically he’s killing most out now.

After finding out he changed his name I realized who he was and found out he has a new mixtape coming… But that aint out yet so we gone talk bout his latest. “Tell Ya Friends” King Chip latest mixtape that dropped earlier this year and will give you a good idea why we say he killing most out now. This mixtape has great production from names like Hi-Tek & Chuck Inglish that put King Chip in the spotlight. Even though there is some dope ass features like Bun B & Krayzie Bone, Chip still shows why he is soon to be a star.

So if you knew about him before this post or not, it doesn’t matter. You still need to check the tracks, download the mixtape, listen and enjoy anyways!!! Because we see King Chip aka Chip tha Ripper blow’n up real soon. And if you don’t please let us know where we went wrong… Until next time check the tracks and post back.


Light Skinned Hoes



One Comment on “Tell Ya Friends About This!!!”

  1. Jhett says:

    That’s a smart answer to a diffciult question.

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