The Real Rap Revolution

Kembe X

Kembe X

Have you ever been mind fucked? Do you even know what it means… If you look up the definition of this word, you will see that it doesn’t have a very positive connotation. But does that mean the word is negative? Better yet how do you describe a psychedelic mind fuck… We describe it as a mind-blowing 13 track mixtape titled Self Rule by Kembe X. A collection of songs that have been surgically produced, spit, and mastered. This isn’t your typical basic mixtape, this is Kembe X telling the world he is here to stay. This mixtape doesn’t show his potential it shows you the skill level of the future of #REALHIPHOP.

While you was up last week feeding your face and shopping on Black Friday this Chi-Town rapper Kembe X dropped Self Rule. After listening we hear some intent in this mixtape, not intent to hear some skill but an intent to spark the minds of his generation. With Kembe’s smooth laid back stoner-friendly voice he makes digesting his mind piercing lyrics easy. The complimentary production to his voice makes everything on the mixtape seem so bright. This mixtape walks you through Kembe’s  visions you’ll be amazed with he has the mind of an old wise man at the tender age of only 17…

This is simply G.O.O.D Music! The musical revolution that will not be televised, but will  be told NOT sold. Its a crime this mixtape is free, but since it is take advantage and listen. If we crazy let us know! If you agree let us know! Whatever you feel check the tracks and post back…

Don’t Quit

Give and Take ft Chance the Rapper



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