Folarin from Wale

We gone be short and brief because its Christmas time people. The homie Wale has dropped Folarin! Its dope not that we needed to tell you that. But just to give you a little peek of what to expect besides pure musical bliss are a couple of features like Scarface & Nipsey Hussle… Excited yet? We know you are so just click the picture below & happy holidays!!! We going to enjoy family and the music and you should do the same… Til next time check the tracks & post back.


Folarin mixtape download


Dizzy… WHAT!?!?!

Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright

Yes we found another one for you, and we hope you like… Name, Dizzy Wright and he’s out of Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas is suppose to stays in Vegas but Dizzy Wright is an exception to the rule. This 21 year old emcee is here to make you listen because he has something to say. We wouldn’t say Dizzy Wright is just a conscious rapper but its very clear he’s not doing it solely for the ratchets. With that being said lets see what Dizzy is about.

With his latest mixtape titled SmokeOut Conversation Dizzy shows what he brings to the table. This is not a hard core gangster sound, so if that’s what your looking for more on to the next rapper. Dizzy Wright keeps the party jumpin’, mostly up-beat and positive flow. He brings the knowledge to a lot of his tracks making sure to drop something for your mind. With that kind of lyrical rang we are sure you will find a track or two you can dig. We’d say Dizzy Wright defiantly has the potential to be big, but only time will tell…

What do ya’ll think? Let us know if Dizzy Wright has what it take… Or are we off on this one??? Check the tracks and post back!!!

Wake Up

Can’t Trust Em

Nobody’s Teaching Game

The Trouble Man is BACK!!!

T.I. is back and back big with his 8th studio album Trouble Man or Trouble Man Heavy is the Head to be exact. Don’t worry, no jail house rust for the trouble man. T.I. definitely brings his A-game on this album. With his distinct word play, as only T.I. can do it, and that southern swag that makes the ladies get all hot and bothered Trouble Man will be a great stocking stuffer for this holiday season. But if T.I. himself is not enough the features on this album will excite you. With some young guns like Lil Wayne & Meek Mills T.I. shows he still knows what the people want. He tops that with a couple of OG vets from the A letting us all know they still got it. All around the album is solid so check it out.

Trouble Man album download

Trouble Man Heavy is the Head

What’s Truly Unique?

Let Distinct Sound tell you what unique is, its a Brooklyn raised artist named Theophilus London!!! But lets define unique in our world

Theophilus London

Theophilus London

of hip hop. Its an original someone who demands the attention, this someone will be looked at as different. And you will always be different when your one of the first of your kind. And Theophilus London is definitely one of a kind . With his musical roots starting on the island of Trinidad, London is a fusion of art that will be heard through out all of his music.

If you can picture Andre 3000 mixed with Kid Cudi over a spaced out electric dance beat… Sounds crazy? No that’s unique, something you just have to hear to understand. The sounds that he creates are genre-bending and will continue to attract a large range of followers. Which gives London the chance to knock down barriers and open doors to unite fans of many different backgrounds. His latest mixtape “Rose Island Vol 1” does not disappoint in showing the range with Marvin Gay samples to Dance Hall tracks to features such as ASAP Rocky. Listening is a journey

His sound may be unique but one way or another Theophilu London will be huge. Don’t just take our word for it, check the tracks but make sure you post back. And try to tell us we crazy, WE DARE YOU!!!

Big Spender ft A$AP Rocky

I Want to Kiss You

She Said Ok

O.N.I.F.C nuf said…

We have been looking forward to this day and Wiz didn’t let us down. After 12 mixtapes and 3 studio albums, Wiz Khalifa has had us rockin’ since 2005 starting with the Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania. Now with his highly anticipated, 4th studio album, Wiz Khalifa brings you O.N.I.F.C. And let us tell you this will be a classic. We talkin’ Lil Wayne, Carter IV status! This album is beyond anyones expectations so PLEASE DO NOT be surprised if Wiz sales over 1 million copies. And with 17 tracks, 3 bonus tracks and 2 videos Wiz deserves to sale over a mil. The number of tracks ain’t even close to the best part, it’s the perfection he puts in every line he spits on every track that makes this album so special. After listening to O.N.I.F.C we are happy for Wiz Khalifa and even more excited to see how well this album will do!  O.N.I.F.C drops Dec 4th and either you’ll be a part of history and cop it or you won’t…It’s that simple.


O.N.I.F.C download link from iTunes

O.N.I.F.C download link from iTunes