O.N.I.F.C nuf said…

We have been looking forward to this day and Wiz didn’t let us down. After 12 mixtapes and 3 studio albums, Wiz Khalifa has had us rockin’ since 2005 starting with the Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania. Now with his highly anticipated, 4th studio album, Wiz Khalifa brings you O.N.I.F.C. And let us tell you this will be a classic. We talkin’ Lil Wayne, Carter IV status! This album is beyond anyones expectations so PLEASE DO NOT be surprised if Wiz sales over 1 million copies. And with 17 tracks, 3 bonus tracks and 2 videos Wiz deserves to sale over a mil. The number of tracks ain’t even close to the best part, it’s the perfection he puts in every line he spits on every track that makes this album so special. After listening to O.N.I.F.C we are happy for Wiz Khalifa and even more excited to see how well this album will do!  O.N.I.F.C drops Dec 4th and either you’ll be a part of history and cop it or you won’t…It’s that simple.


O.N.I.F.C download link from iTunes

O.N.I.F.C download link from iTunes


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