Yo New Favorite Rapper!!

This week in celebration of the 49’ers win to make it to the Superbowl we gone give y’all another one of the West’s best. If you haven’t heard of Dom Kennedy then we would suspect yo internet services aren’t working at yo residence… But for those of you who have heard we don’t need to tell y’all Dom is one of the slickest rappers in the game (meaning he’ll talk yo girl out her panties). In the middle of 2012 Dom dropped the Yellow Album which has had over 200,000 downloads, that’s like ghetto platinum or something!!! Listen will guaranteed Dom Kennedy will be your new favorite rapper, complements to his super smooth style and pimp-like flow the Yellow Album will have you wanting more. And with features from the like of Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, and Rick Ross shows you why this was on of the best mixtapes of 2012!!! SHUT UP & LISTEN!

Dom Kennedy Yellow Album

Dom Kennedy Yellow Album


What you think about The Plague?

Murph Watkins

Murph Watkins

Initially hearing Murph we thought he was all entertainment punch lines, funny raps, est… Basically no substance. Honestly thats not bad but if you aint saying nothing you wasting all our time and “AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!” (Lol, that was terrible sorry) But of course we kept listening and Murph Watkins started talking to us… This Midwest rapper coming up in the mean streets of Chicago’s south side, lets you know in his lyrics what is going on around him. We not saying he’s a conscious rapper but Murph Watkins is definitely doing more then just saying whatever rhymes.

Watkins latest mixtape entitled The Plague is a collection of songs that show off wisdom well beyond his young years. Hearing his smooth delivery makes every word easy to digest because the lyrical content is a little rough around the edges, meaning he’s speaking the ugly truth. The Plague is something that needs to be heard, not just because Watkins is a good rapper but because he has a message for us. Especially when the EP cover is a pic of Edgar Allan Poe… that’s just interesting in itself. It looks and sounds like Murph Watkins is trying to educate. Don’t sleep on this one you might regret it.

Check the tracks and listen, we know you will enjoy. #REALHIPHOP… Is this the next one? Hmmm who knows just keep listening and following us!

Fuck You Mean (Pimptastic)

Be Smoove

Poppin’ The Duce (The Plague)

Life Changes

Casey Veggies is here to bring us the Life Changes mixtape and with a title like that we’d say it’s safe to assume this is the mix thats gone push him over the top. So take it from us if you been sleepin’ on Casey Veggies this is a great opportunity to get up on what you been missing. Especially since the Cali rapper has been one of the cold-est & dope-est young lyricist out for about the last 2 of years! This mixtape has crazy production with very little features… And y’all know how we feel about hella features, tell’m JP!!! #Gahlee Lol! Anyways back to the music. Now don’t be stupid you dummy and not listen to us. Download Life Changes with the link below and enjoy!!!

Life Changes download

Life Changes mixtape download

Eat this… Beer Flavored Pizza

Choo Jackson

Choo Jackson

We found this odd looking kid on YouTube one day… He looked like just another strange looking fat kid that was trying to rap. But what made him different was the words that came out of his mouth and how he put his words together. Choo Jackson is his name and pizza is his game. Not much has been documented about this kid but from what we got he is from FLO-Rida and moved to Pittsburgh, was heard by a really good white rapper named Mac Miller and the rest is still being written… Now at this point in the story of Choo Jackson we have this dope a$$ mixtape named Beer Flavored Pizza… Where do we go from here? Let us tell you.

Beer Flavored Pizza is a great introduction for Choo Jackson, even though this isn’t his first rodeo, we bet this is the first time you hear him. If so then thats cool. This mixtape shows off Choo Jackson with very solid production and with only one feature from Mac Miller, Jackson flaunts his swag on every track. With a storytelling style Choo Jackson will engulf you with his lyrics, play on words, and humor. His style and laid back voice makes him sound as if he doesn’t put in much effort, like he’s just naturally skilled. Beer Flavored Pizza is a must download especially if you need a new sound in yo ears Choo Jackson will bring that and some…

Again we have tracks for you to hear. Do us a favor and post back to let us know we ain’t crazy… Who care what yall think…we do this cause yall can’t!!! Middle fingers to all haters! Love you… psych!

Soul Food


Old Pictures on the Wall ft Mac Miller


The long awaited album from ASAP Rocky has finally hit the streets and it has hit with plenty of hype and a little controversy. From ASAP’s comment about Lil Wayne‘s choice of clothing to Rihanna‘s choice of recreational hobbies and whether the media tries to spin it to be negative or not, one thing is clear the album is positively a hit! ASAP has lived up to the hype, even with the overload of features which in most cases can be a red flag for disaster, ASAP has proven us wrong. With Drake, Skrillex, 2 ChainzSantigoldKendrick Lamar (twice people! he put Kendrick on the album TWICE!!!) and many more ASAP Rocky lets you know who’s album this is. Literally ASAP Rocky rips every track on this album and deserves yo money for this one.  With that being said we believe Rocky WILL live long in this game and YES the album is dope! But if you’re still on the fence even after reading this post then waste your time and read another blog to see what they say… Naw f*ck dat just go buy the album cause we said so! If you think it sucks we’ll give you yo money back… Lol!

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP iTunes download