What you think about The Plague?

Murph Watkins

Murph Watkins

Initially hearing Murph we thought he was all entertainment punch lines, funny raps, est… Basically no substance. Honestly thats not bad but if you aint saying nothing you wasting all our time and “AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!” (Lol, that was terrible sorry) But of course we kept listening and Murph Watkins started talking to us… This Midwest rapper coming up in the mean streets of Chicago’s south side, lets you know in his lyrics what is going on around him. We not saying he’s a conscious rapper but Murph Watkins is definitely doing more then just saying whatever rhymes.

Watkins latest mixtape entitled The Plague is a collection of songs that show off wisdom well beyond his young years. Hearing his smooth delivery makes every word easy to digest because the lyrical content is a little rough around the edges, meaning he’s speaking the ugly truth. The Plague is something that needs to be heard, not just because Watkins is a good rapper but because he has a message for us. Especially when the EP cover is a pic of Edgar Allan Poe… that’s just interesting in itself. It looks and sounds like Murph Watkins is trying to educate. Don’t sleep on this one you might regret it.

Check the tracks and listen, we know you will enjoy. #REALHIPHOP… Is this the next one? Hmmm who knows just keep listening and following us!

Fuck You Mean (Pimptastic)

Be Smoove

Poppin’ The Duce (The Plague)


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