You Ain’t Bout That JET LIFE…

Spitta Andretti is his name and this Jet Life is his game or maybe the mixtapes are his game. Whatever it is Curren$y stayed true to his game and dropped his New Jet City mixtape on Superbowl Sunday. Like the football game this mixtape is BIG! He brought everything together perfectly on this one, not that his other mixtapes are garbage, but this one is turnt all the way up! With the normally expected quality you get from Curren$y plus his always great production, then multiply this with extraordinary features and it equals a top mixtape of the year!!! Hope the competition is paying attention, because the homie Spitta Andretti is taking boys to school. If the New Jet City is a preview of the year to come get excited!

Curren$y New Jet City download

Curren$y New Jet City download


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