Underachievers? (@theualifestyle) What you think?

The Underachievers

The Underachievers

Not to long ago this mixtape cover caught some eyes with its very unique and intriguing artwork, after listening to that mixtape The Underachievers were what we found. This name is the absolute opposite of what they have achieved with their debut mixtape Indigoism. Two MC’s are the members of this club called The Underachievers, AK (@iunderachieve) & Issa Dash (@issa_dash) both representing NY and this new Beast Cost movement. A movement loosely being pushed forward by the likes of Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew, also the Flatbush Zombies, and ASAP Mob… Now after reading those names know one thing, The Underachievers will give you a totally different trip with their sound because Indigoism is defiantly a trippy ride.

On Indigoism get ready for very laid back beats mixed with a lot of psychedelic properties. With The Underachievers sped up flows over these doped up beats makes for a very lethal combination. But the most trippy part of this ride is the lyrics… Are they conscious? We don’t know if The Underachievers are what most would call conscious rappers… But maybe they have created a new definition with two positive rappers with some darkness and a lot of hunger striving to achieve success and giving you the real along the way. Even with all these elements they are able to also include elements of jazz, blues, and reggae which fuse perfectly form one track to the next. This will no doubt be a sound for the #REALHIPHOP heads, a commercial ni33a won’t be able to feel this sh!t. But don’t feel bad if you don’t feel it, just listen to it again (and maybe open that 3rd eye).

Hope you all get as much out of Indigoism as much as we did. The track below are there for you to listen to, so check the tracks, post back, and let us know how you feel. Like or not we want to know yo thoughts!


My Prism

Potion Number 25

Root Of All Evil

P.S. Check this art, simply awesome…

Indigiosim Extended Art Work

Indigiosim Extended Art Work


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