Will @TroyAve Really Bring New York Back?

Tony Ave

Tony Ave

He seems to have the skill. He seems to have the grit. He seems to know what he’s doing. But is it enough? Some say yes, but outside of New York who knows Tony Ave? And the last we heard Kendrick is the King of New York. Well we gone let you know who he is and why he might be the one. With his “New York City” mixtape Tony Ave has to be making his city very happy.

The reasons for the happiness is how Tony Ave’s sound brings back some good memories for New York hip hop. He has exudes confidences in every track with the lyrics to back it all up. From the start to finish he comes consistently with a distinct hunger and lines that demand attention. Production is strongly east coast as he eludes to on the track titled “Cigar Smoke” quote: No more weak ass Rose’/ That’s why the game to sweet/ We don’t wear tight ass clothes/ We don’t do down south beats..

Does this sound like the next face of New York? We can hear the potential but will he follow through? You listen and let us know…   

Cigar Smoke
Me Aginst the World