How to Run Your City… Not like @iamdiddy but @lilbibby_

Do you want to know how to become the next big rap star of your city? Do you wantLil Bibby to be the next big thing? Maybe you think you are already… No matter what you may think, if you want the top spot we would suggest watching the foot steps of Lil Bibby, because he in moving fast in that direction. Even though the name might be lil but these foot steps are huge and will no longer be ignored.

First thing on your to-do-list is survive the mean streets of Chi-town. Or what is now being referred to as Chi-Raq, a reference to the highly dangerous country of Iraq. If you havent heard, Chicago is pretty back when it come to violence and stuff so if you can survive then you should have a lot to rap about. Just like this 19 year old Lil Bibby does. Now even though he is only 19 you will hear the spirit of a man beyond that age, but we guess that’s what surviving will do to you.

Second thing to do is practice. Yes we are talking about practice! Because these type of skill don’t just develop over night, we are talking lyrical skills that rivals and maybe even surpasses your favorite rappers. Also make sure your skills allow you to rap over any type of beat as Lil Bibby’s mixtape “Free Crack” showcases. Free Crack has an array of Kanye-like soul samples, down south gangster bass lines and jazzy saxophones which Lil Bibby rhymes through with ease.

Last but definitely not least create a mixtape worthy enough to be an album, title it “Free Crack”, and then just give it away. You think you got what it takes? Many think they do, but few succeed. Lil Bibby is beyond hot and if he’s not…you tell us who is! Listen to a couple of tarcks, then download, and comment.

Bibby Story

Unlike You

Whole Crew


The Kat’s Meowwww….

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia is her name and she is from another planet. No, but seriously this Miami native has been cut from a new type of cloth. For someone who started at such a young age this 21 year old has the potential to blaze a trail with her talent that we have never seen before. She is hip hop, she is r&b, she is pop, she is jazz and she can not be put into a box. What she has created from her life experiences should be described as a magical spoken illustration to music. Sounds corny now but once you hear it you will understand. The emotion & passion she puts in these songs are real.

The tracks that we have uncovered paint a picture of a talented, tough, rough around the edges, but delicate artist. Her sound is raw and refreshing. She displays emotions of sadness, happiness, and personal growth. There is so much greatness in her talent it’s not even fair. Its almost like a mix between Jay Z and the late Amy Winehouse with this gritty and grimy accent like Pitt Bull and finesse of, yes, Rihanna you can’t deny it… A very unique combination that sounds phenomenal.

Kat has been recently signed and its looking very promising with a heavy radio rotation of her increasingly popular track Gangsta. This track is CRACK!!! And we think the track is an accurate showcase of her talents. So check her out and let us know what you think. Check the tracks & post back.




Save It  (click the link… duh.)


These BADA$$ kids… @joeybadass_

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$

The bad ass kids of today are who most feel are the cause of the problems in our society. These same bad ass kids will be the remedy

that will help fix hip hop’s tomorrow. One defiant fix will be the young MC Joey Bada$$. The Brooklyn raised kid is flying high and fast right now with the rest of his ProEra crew right behind him. From his latest single: “Unorthodox” (produced by DJ Premier), to his debut mixtape title “1999” which dropped in 2012, and  countless features & interviews Joey Bada$$ has crazy buzz right now.

Joey Bada$$ and his buzz is well warranted and let us break down why. First this mixtape, 1999, is one of the most intellectual but hood creations out now. Meaning if the 1999 mixtape could be recreated into visual art it would be the rose growing through concrete. You find that corny, right??? Because you haven’t listened to the mixtape yet. Second would be Joey Bada$$ and his delivery, lyrically he spits better then you can describe your worst day at work. At 18, Joey Bada$$ is rapping laps around most. And the future sounds great! We just sayin’ if his new single “Unorthodox” is any indication of what we have to look forward to… Then we say bet the farm on the kid!!!

This youngster is shooting for the top, but only time will tell if he gets there. Now in the meantime and between time you know what you need to do. Check the kid’s tracks & post back your thoughts…


Survival Tactics


Daily Routine

What you think about The Plague?

Murph Watkins

Murph Watkins

Initially hearing Murph we thought he was all entertainment punch lines, funny raps, est… Basically no substance. Honestly thats not bad but if you aint saying nothing you wasting all our time and “AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!” (Lol, that was terrible sorry) But of course we kept listening and Murph Watkins started talking to us… This Midwest rapper coming up in the mean streets of Chicago’s south side, lets you know in his lyrics what is going on around him. We not saying he’s a conscious rapper but Murph Watkins is definitely doing more then just saying whatever rhymes.

Watkins latest mixtape entitled The Plague is a collection of songs that show off wisdom well beyond his young years. Hearing his smooth delivery makes every word easy to digest because the lyrical content is a little rough around the edges, meaning he’s speaking the ugly truth. The Plague is something that needs to be heard, not just because Watkins is a good rapper but because he has a message for us. Especially when the EP cover is a pic of Edgar Allan Poe… that’s just interesting in itself. It looks and sounds like Murph Watkins is trying to educate. Don’t sleep on this one you might regret it.

Check the tracks and listen, we know you will enjoy. #REALHIPHOP… Is this the next one? Hmmm who knows just keep listening and following us!

Fuck You Mean (Pimptastic)

Be Smoove

Poppin’ The Duce (The Plague)

Eat this… Beer Flavored Pizza

Choo Jackson

Choo Jackson

We found this odd looking kid on YouTube one day… He looked like just another strange looking fat kid that was trying to rap. But what made him different was the words that came out of his mouth and how he put his words together. Choo Jackson is his name and pizza is his game. Not much has been documented about this kid but from what we got he is from FLO-Rida and moved to Pittsburgh, was heard by a really good white rapper named Mac Miller and the rest is still being written… Now at this point in the story of Choo Jackson we have this dope a$$ mixtape named Beer Flavored Pizza… Where do we go from here? Let us tell you.

Beer Flavored Pizza is a great introduction for Choo Jackson, even though this isn’t his first rodeo, we bet this is the first time you hear him. If so then thats cool. This mixtape shows off Choo Jackson with very solid production and with only one feature from Mac Miller, Jackson flaunts his swag on every track. With a storytelling style Choo Jackson will engulf you with his lyrics, play on words, and humor. His style and laid back voice makes him sound as if he doesn’t put in much effort, like he’s just naturally skilled. Beer Flavored Pizza is a must download especially if you need a new sound in yo ears Choo Jackson will bring that and some…

Again we have tracks for you to hear. Do us a favor and post back to let us know we ain’t crazy… Who care what yall think…we do this cause yall can’t!!! Middle fingers to all haters! Love you… psych!

Soul Food


Old Pictures on the Wall ft Mac Miller

Dizzy… WHAT!?!?!

Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright

Yes we found another one for you, and we hope you like… Name, Dizzy Wright and he’s out of Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas is suppose to stays in Vegas but Dizzy Wright is an exception to the rule. This 21 year old emcee is here to make you listen because he has something to say. We wouldn’t say Dizzy Wright is just a conscious rapper but its very clear he’s not doing it solely for the ratchets. With that being said lets see what Dizzy is about.

With his latest mixtape titled SmokeOut Conversation Dizzy shows what he brings to the table. This is not a hard core gangster sound, so if that’s what your looking for more on to the next rapper. Dizzy Wright keeps the party jumpin’, mostly up-beat and positive flow. He brings the knowledge to a lot of his tracks making sure to drop something for your mind. With that kind of lyrical rang we are sure you will find a track or two you can dig. We’d say Dizzy Wright defiantly has the potential to be big, but only time will tell…

What do ya’ll think? Let us know if Dizzy Wright has what it take… Or are we off on this one??? Check the tracks and post back!!!

Wake Up

Can’t Trust Em

Nobody’s Teaching Game

What’s Truly Unique?

Let Distinct Sound tell you what unique is, its a Brooklyn raised artist named Theophilus London!!! But lets define unique in our world

Theophilus London

Theophilus London

of hip hop. Its an original someone who demands the attention, this someone will be looked at as different. And you will always be different when your one of the first of your kind. And Theophilus London is definitely one of a kind . With his musical roots starting on the island of Trinidad, London is a fusion of art that will be heard through out all of his music.

If you can picture Andre 3000 mixed with Kid Cudi over a spaced out electric dance beat… Sounds crazy? No that’s unique, something you just have to hear to understand. The sounds that he creates are genre-bending and will continue to attract a large range of followers. Which gives London the chance to knock down barriers and open doors to unite fans of many different backgrounds. His latest mixtape “Rose Island Vol 1” does not disappoint in showing the range with Marvin Gay samples to Dance Hall tracks to features such as ASAP Rocky. Listening is a journey

His sound may be unique but one way or another Theophilu London will be huge. Don’t just take our word for it, check the tracks but make sure you post back. And try to tell us we crazy, WE DARE YOU!!!

Big Spender ft A$AP Rocky

I Want to Kiss You

She Said Ok