The Kat’s Meowwww….

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia is her name and she is from another planet. No, but seriously this Miami native has been cut from a new type of cloth. For someone who started at such a young age this 21 year old has the potential to blaze a trail with her talent that we have never seen before. She is hip hop, she is r&b, she is pop, she is jazz and she can not be put into a box. What she has created from her life experiences should be described as a magical spoken illustration to music. Sounds corny now but once you hear it you will understand. The emotion & passion she puts in these songs are real.

The tracks that we have uncovered paint a picture of a talented, tough, rough around the edges, but delicate artist. Her sound is raw and refreshing. She displays emotions of sadness, happiness, and personal growth. There is so much greatness in her talent it’s not even fair. Its almost like a mix between Jay Z and the late Amy Winehouse with this gritty and grimy accent like Pitt Bull and finesse of, yes, Rihanna you can’t deny it… A very unique combination that sounds phenomenal.

Kat has been recently signed and its looking very promising with a heavy radio rotation of her increasingly popular track Gangsta. This track is CRACK!!! And we think the track is an accurate showcase of her talents. So check her out and let us know what you think. Check the tracks & post back.




Save It  (click the link… duh.)



Have you tried this Acid Rap???

If you slept on our post back in October then of course you don’t know about this #AcidRap. The mixtape from the one and only, Chance the Rapper, which dropped back in April has to be one of the most perfect body of work for the young rapper. Every track he owns, exhibiting his very distinct style of which has vastly improved. Chance the Rappers’ Acid Rap will be one of the top mixtapes of the year! With features from Twista, Childish Gambino, and Kids These Days and some of the most abstract production, makes Acid Rap a masterpiece. Chance the Rapper shows that his #10days from school turned out to be a blessing from the All Mighty. Floored in amazement with the progression of his ever improving style and flow, we see Chance riding the wave of Acid Rap straight to stardom.

A Letter to You…

To You,

We want to start this post by thanking all who have “liked”, re-tweeted and or commented on any thing that concerns this blog from day one. We appreciate it all, whether it is negative or positive, it all helps. Now I would like to say if you are a fan we hope to keep you for a long time. To do this we have to keep the blog current & relevant. Which I have not done. I am the idea behind Distinct Sound Blog but I say that only to tell you that I have the sole responsibility to keep this blog growing.

The gaps in time have been, all though inexcusable, a growing period for me and the blog. Growth and change are always positive. We are looking to build Distinct Sound and we want as many people with us as possible. I pray we haven’t lost you and that you all continue with us on this journey. Thank you for reading.





Underachievers? (@theualifestyle) What you think?

The Underachievers

The Underachievers

Not to long ago this mixtape cover caught some eyes with its very unique and intriguing artwork, after listening to that mixtape The Underachievers were what we found. This name is the absolute opposite of what they have achieved with their debut mixtape Indigoism. Two MC’s are the members of this club called The Underachievers, AK (@iunderachieve) & Issa Dash (@issa_dash) both representing NY and this new Beast Cost movement. A movement loosely being pushed forward by the likes of Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew, also the Flatbush Zombies, and ASAP Mob… Now after reading those names know one thing, The Underachievers will give you a totally different trip with their sound because Indigoism is defiantly a trippy ride.

On Indigoism get ready for very laid back beats mixed with a lot of psychedelic properties. With The Underachievers sped up flows over these doped up beats makes for a very lethal combination. But the most trippy part of this ride is the lyrics… Are they conscious? We don’t know if The Underachievers are what most would call conscious rappers… But maybe they have created a new definition with two positive rappers with some darkness and a lot of hunger striving to achieve success and giving you the real along the way. Even with all these elements they are able to also include elements of jazz, blues, and reggae which fuse perfectly form one track to the next. This will no doubt be a sound for the #REALHIPHOP heads, a commercial ni33a won’t be able to feel this sh!t. But don’t feel bad if you don’t feel it, just listen to it again (and maybe open that 3rd eye).

Hope you all get as much out of Indigoism as much as we did. The track below are there for you to listen to, so check the tracks, post back, and let us know how you feel. Like or not we want to know yo thoughts!


My Prism

Potion Number 25

Root Of All Evil

P.S. Check this art, simply awesome…

Indigiosim Extended Art Work

Indigiosim Extended Art Work

It’s A Cole World.

Coming from who most believed would become (or already is…) hip hop’s savior, J.Cole blessed us with a small ray of sunshine this morning entitled “Truly Yours“. A collection of tracks that looks to be a prequel for a new album to come, of course. Our patients have paid off, on this one as Cole brings us the serious real talk that he is know for and seems to be looking to teacher while he spits this game. Maybe this is the new direction he’s headed in, don’t really know but whatever it might be this is definitely one worth listening to. No features, no extras, just cole bring the truth, something that most need to HEAR but just want to LISTEN to. (wonder how many will catch that last line?) Only the #REALHIPHOP fans will appreciate this one. So if you one, cop it below!

J.Cole Truly Yours

J.Cole Truly Yours

You Ain’t Bout That JET LIFE…

Spitta Andretti is his name and this Jet Life is his game or maybe the mixtapes are his game. Whatever it is Curren$y stayed true to his game and dropped his New Jet City mixtape on Superbowl Sunday. Like the football game this mixtape is BIG! He brought everything together perfectly on this one, not that his other mixtapes are garbage, but this one is turnt all the way up! With the normally expected quality you get from Curren$y plus his always great production, then multiply this with extraordinary features and it equals a top mixtape of the year!!! Hope the competition is paying attention, because the homie Spitta Andretti is taking boys to school. If the New Jet City is a preview of the year to come get excited!

Curren$y New Jet City download

Curren$y New Jet City download

These BADA$$ kids… @joeybadass_

Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$

The bad ass kids of today are who most feel are the cause of the problems in our society. These same bad ass kids will be the remedy

that will help fix hip hop’s tomorrow. One defiant fix will be the young MC Joey Bada$$. The Brooklyn raised kid is flying high and fast right now with the rest of his ProEra crew right behind him. From his latest single: “Unorthodox” (produced by DJ Premier), to his debut mixtape title “1999” which dropped in 2012, and  countless features & interviews Joey Bada$$ has crazy buzz right now.

Joey Bada$$ and his buzz is well warranted and let us break down why. First this mixtape, 1999, is one of the most intellectual but hood creations out now. Meaning if the 1999 mixtape could be recreated into visual art it would be the rose growing through concrete. You find that corny, right??? Because you haven’t listened to the mixtape yet. Second would be Joey Bada$$ and his delivery, lyrically he spits better then you can describe your worst day at work. At 18, Joey Bada$$ is rapping laps around most. And the future sounds great! We just sayin’ if his new single “Unorthodox” is any indication of what we have to look forward to… Then we say bet the farm on the kid!!!

This youngster is shooting for the top, but only time will tell if he gets there. Now in the meantime and between time you know what you need to do. Check the kid’s tracks & post back your thoughts…


Survival Tactics


Daily Routine