HEAR THIS… Macadelic

This is the latest mixtape from Mac Miller and is an evolution of lyrical content. Macadelic is a lyrical display of Mac’s maturity, this mixtape shows his older perspective of the world around him. His flow has always been solid but where as in earlier mixtapes the content was very reflective of his young age, he is now showing maturity. Mac Miller will always get a great deal of respect for being true to who he is, but now he will appeal to a broader audience. OK so we know Mac can rap but about this mixtape… DOPE!! No joke, it’s a very different sound from Mac and it fits him perfectly. Every song on this mix is a hit and if you disagree get yo ears checked! He also did well with the features on the mix and didn’t over do it… There are a nice amount of features but it’s a good balance. Even with the features his skills are the highlight of every track and he holds his own through out this album. Ok now there might be one track that’s in “question” but I’ll let you be the judge of that one… All in all this is a must have, must listen, and shoots Mac Miller in a new stratosphere! RATING THIS MIX: 5/5 Grade A DOPE!!!

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Schoolboy Q, SCHOOLBOY WHO!!!

Yea just finished listening to Habits & ContradictionsThe new mix tape from Schoolboy Q, and if you are looking for a DISTINCT and unparalleled sound then you need to download this album PRONTO! (legally of course…) This is Schoolboy Q’s 4th mix tape and he has mastered the art of his craft. Another LA artist, Schoolboy Q’s latest mix tape has the sound-appeal of something made for the hood. But I’m not talking about some oh “shoot’em up, bang-bang, I’ll kill yo mamma shit” I’m talking about “drugs, sex, and alcohol shit” something you can ride to and the same time something you can party too. If you’re a rap/hip hop fan this mix tape will become a favorite.

For those of you out there who live under a rock (or just don’t come to the site) and don’t know Q, let me give you an idea of his sound. Schoolboy is almost a mixture of Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar. And if that sounds good to you Habits & Contradictions will sound even better. All the beats bang! The track with ASAP Rocky samples Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness and is CRAZY!!! As you can see I am a little excited about this one, lol… Q’s style is filled with a swag that tells you he knows what he’s doing, and he has the ability to tailor his flow to whatever beat he’s on. Which is why I would define Habits & Contradictions as an complete album. With the complement of  the tracks to the lyrics I promise Schoolboy Q will keep you listening.

Now that you know about Schoolboy Q, take some action and download Habits & Contradictions. Then let me know what you think @DISTINCT_SOUND (that’s twitter, duh), but until then CHECK THE TRACK AND POST BACK!!!

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