The long awaited album from ASAP Rocky has finally hit the streets and it has hit with plenty of hype and a little controversy. From ASAP’s comment about Lil Wayne‘s choice of clothing to Rihanna‘s choice of recreational hobbies and whether the media tries to spin it to be negative or not, one thing is clear the album is positively a hit! ASAP has lived up to the hype, even with the overload of features which in most cases can be a red flag for disaster, ASAP has proven us wrong. With Drake, Skrillex, 2 ChainzSantigoldKendrick Lamar (twice people! he put Kendrick on the album TWICE!!!) and many more ASAP Rocky lets you know who’s album this is. Literally ASAP Rocky rips every track on this album and deserves yo money for this one.  With that being said we believe Rocky WILL live long in this game and YES the album is dope! But if you’re still on the fence even after reading this post then waste your time and read another blog to see what they say… Naw f*ck dat just go buy the album cause we said so! If you think it sucks we’ll give you yo money back… Lol!

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP

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The Trouble Man is BACK!!!

T.I. is back and back big with his 8th studio album Trouble Man or Trouble Man Heavy is the Head to be exact. Don’t worry, no jail house rust for the trouble man. T.I. definitely brings his A-game on this album. With his distinct word play, as only T.I. can do it, and that southern swag that makes the ladies get all hot and bothered Trouble Man will be a great stocking stuffer for this holiday season. But if T.I. himself is not enough the features on this album will excite you. With some young guns like Lil Wayne & Meek Mills T.I. shows he still knows what the people want. He tops that with a couple of OG vets from the A letting us all know they still got it. All around the album is solid so check it out.

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Trouble Man Heavy is the Head


Underground Hip Hop Mixtape Review

This is a compilation of REAL HIP HOP artist from this blog and some who are not… But all of it is HOT SHIT!!! (that means, it sounds good). From where I’m from being a DJ (which I am a real DJ) means that you master the art of mixing. Others may call it blending but whatever you call it you can’t deny it’s DOPE. If you check the artist we feature you can see we know what we talkin bout… If you can APPRECIATE the art of mixing and understand this is a skill, then you’ll love this. Listen to it! Download it! Love it!!! Check the Track, Post Back.

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HEAR THIS… Macadelic

This is the latest mixtape from Mac Miller and is an evolution of lyrical content. Macadelic is a lyrical display of Mac’s maturity, this mixtape shows his older perspective of the world around him. His flow has always been solid but where as in earlier mixtapes the content was very reflective of his young age, he is now showing maturity. Mac Miller will always get a great deal of respect for being true to who he is, but now he will appeal to a broader audience. OK so we know Mac can rap but about this mixtape… DOPE!! No joke, it’s a very different sound from Mac and it fits him perfectly. Every song on this mix is a hit and if you disagree get yo ears checked! He also did well with the features on the mix and didn’t over do it… There are a nice amount of features but it’s a good balance. Even with the features his skills are the highlight of every track and he holds his own through out this album. Ok now there might be one track that’s in “question” but I’ll let you be the judge of that one… All in all this is a must have, must listen, and shoots Mac Miller in a new stratosphere! RATING THIS MIX: 5/5 Grade A DOPE!!!

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