How to Run Your City… Not like @iamdiddy but @lilbibby_

Do you want to know how to become the next big rap star of your city? Do you wantLil Bibby to be the next big thing? Maybe you think you are already… No matter what you may think, if you want the top spot we would suggest watching the foot steps of Lil Bibby, because he in moving fast in that direction. Even though the name might be lil but these foot steps are huge and will no longer be ignored.

First thing on your to-do-list is survive the mean streets of Chi-town. Or what is now being referred to as Chi-Raq, a reference to the highly dangerous country of Iraq. If you havent heard, Chicago is pretty back when it come to violence and stuff so if you can survive then you should have a lot to rap about. Just like this 19 year old Lil Bibby does. Now even though he is only 19 you will hear the spirit of a man beyond that age, but we guess that’s what surviving will do to you.

Second thing to do is practice. Yes we are talking about practice! Because these type of skill don’t just develop over night, we are talking lyrical skills that rivals and maybe even surpasses your favorite rappers. Also make sure your skills allow you to rap over any type of beat as Lil Bibby’s mixtape “Free Crack” showcases. Free Crack has an array of Kanye-like soul samples, down south gangster bass lines and jazzy saxophones which Lil Bibby rhymes through with ease.

Last but definitely not least create a mixtape worthy enough to be an album, title it “Free Crack”, and then just give it away. You think you got what it takes? Many think they do, but few succeed. Lil Bibby is beyond hot and if he’s not…you tell us who is! Listen to a couple of tarcks, then download, and comment.

Bibby Story

Unlike You

Whole Crew


Throw Back Track from @devindude420

This one is from one of the all time great lyricist from the south Devin the Dude. His 1998 hit See What I Can Pull from his debut album “The Dude” is one that any and everyone can relate to. This track, which Devin also produced, definitely takes you back and reminds you of every trip and we mean every trip to the club, no matter where you party. It’s impossible for this track to get old and just listening to this one makes you want more from the Dude.images

See What I Can Pull

Album Review: @Skeme x Ingleworld

With this album Skeme has shown plenty of growth and development with his lyrics. Every album he drops is an improvement on the last and the latest, Ingleworld is no exception. Skeme is going to make waves this year, but would we say it’s Skemes’ year? Can’t make that call just yet… But we will tell you that this album is definitely a MUST BUY for all fans and new comers. Notice the word “BUY” mofo’s! With features including Wale and Iggy Azalea, Ingleworld shows Skeme’s versitility plus the production, trust us it’s worth the iTunes charge. But don’t just take our word check this sample.

Our Way

Skeme Ingleworld Album

Skeme Ingleworld Album

HOT UNDERGROUND HIP HOP ARTIST: I Just Don’t Know If… “I Don’t Like”

Underground Hip Hop artist Chief Keef

Underground Hip Hop artist Chief Keef

Hot Underground Hip Hop Artist: Chief Keef

After Kanye blessed this 16-year-old from the Chi by remixing his, soon to be classic club banger,  he has been on the overtime grind. Chief Keef along with a handful of other Chicago grown artist have kept this buzz BLAZING. If you haven’t heard then I am 100% convinced that you literally live under a rock… NO BS! My only question is, are we wrong  to bring him to you for the sake of try to celebrating underground HIP HOP? Chief Keef’s lyrics are not what we would call, complex or even complete sentences (im just saying) But what Chief Keef is that makes him so hip hop is his grind!!! And at 16 years of age that something that can’t be denied.

Now if you are some of the few who don’t know bout Chief Keef, you will from his mixtape “Back From The Dead“. Where his lyrics create stories that describe his life and environment, which frankly are very straight to the point, violent, and disrespectful to females and anyone else he don’t like. As illustrated in “I Don”t Like” and every other track on this mixtape. If I had to describe his style I would say he was Waka Flacka’s son… You will see what I mean when you hear this, but I can say he has that “it” factor

Hope to see nothing but success on his way to the top because he is on his way… So check him out and let us know where we went wrong. Check the track and post back!!!

I Don’t Like


Save That Shit


This is our new weekly post where we bring you tracks of the underground hip hop that we have featured on the site and some we haven’t… TRACK on TRACK, we’re bringing that HOT shit. Some new, some not so new but all HOT TRACKS!!! So let us know what you think and maybe even let us know what we missing… At this point you know what to do check the TRACKS on TRACKS and post back!!!

Phil the Thrill- Sample Monae II

Spittin straight crack off his sAMPLE TIME mixtape (DOWNLOAD NOW!!)

Dominique Young Unique- My Success

Find on her Glamorous Touch mixtape (DOWNLOAD NOW!!)

Tonie Monroe- Cali Swagg

On that Big Girl Cookies mixtape (DOWNLOAD NOW!!)

Meek Mills- Amen

From his latest Dreamchasers 2, which is a must have… (DOWNLOAD NOW!!)


Hot New Underground Artist: Dominique Young Unique

Coming back to y’all with a rejuvenated spirit and this new hot underground artist to match. Dominique Young Unique is her name and her sound is definitely unique. The first time I heard her, I loved the sounds. In my opinion she is a great representation of hip hop today. With her in your face lyrics and unpredictable sound, nothing she does will ever get old.

Coming out of Tampa, Florida her music really mirrors the diverse influence in which she lives in. From her 3 mixtapes I checked out, DominationGlamorous Touch & Stupid Pretty , tracks go from 808 all bass gangster slap to a dub step party clap. And her flow changes to match, honestly the shit is pretty impressive! Her lyrics reflect her age and because of that I soon see a huge following behind her. If the majors were smart they’d snatch this girl up in a second, I know I would.

Like I always tell you don’t just take my word for it… You’ve also been warned her name is Dominique Young UNIQUE and she’s just that! But it’s something that’s needed (the uniqueness I mean). So embrace it, then check the tracks and post back.

My Success

Glamorous Touch

Get Out My Shoes