How to Run Your City… Not like @iamdiddy but @lilbibby_

Do you want to know how to become the next big rap star of your city? Do you wantLil Bibby to be the next big thing? Maybe you think you are already… No matter what you may think, if you want the top spot we would suggest watching the foot steps of Lil Bibby, because he in moving fast in that direction. Even though the name might be lil but these foot steps are huge and will no longer be ignored.

First thing on your to-do-list is survive the mean streets of Chi-town. Or what is now being referred to as Chi-Raq, a reference to the highly dangerous country of Iraq. If you havent heard, Chicago is pretty back when it come to violence and stuff so if you can survive then you should have a lot to rap about. Just like this 19 year old Lil Bibby does. Now even though he is only 19 you will hear the spirit of a man beyond that age, but we guess that’s what surviving will do to you.

Second thing to do is practice. Yes we are talking about practice! Because these type of skill don’t just develop over night, we are talking lyrical skills that rivals and maybe even surpasses your favorite rappers. Also make sure your skills allow you to rap over any type of beat as Lil Bibby’s mixtape “Free Crack” showcases. Free Crack has an array of Kanye-like soul samples, down south gangster bass lines and jazzy saxophones which Lil Bibby rhymes through with ease.

Last but definitely not least create a mixtape worthy enough to be an album, title it “Free Crack”, and then just give it away. You think you got what it takes? Many think they do, but few succeed. Lil Bibby is beyond hot and if he’s not…you tell us who is! Listen to a couple of tarcks, then download, and comment.

Bibby Story

Unlike You

Whole Crew



The long awaited album from ASAP Rocky has finally hit the streets and it has hit with plenty of hype and a little controversy. From ASAP’s comment about Lil Wayne‘s choice of clothing to Rihanna‘s choice of recreational hobbies and whether the media tries to spin it to be negative or not, one thing is clear the album is positively a hit! ASAP has lived up to the hype, even with the overload of features which in most cases can be a red flag for disaster, ASAP has proven us wrong. With Drake, Skrillex, 2 ChainzSantigoldKendrick Lamar (twice people! he put Kendrick on the album TWICE!!!) and many more ASAP Rocky lets you know who’s album this is. Literally ASAP Rocky rips every track on this album and deserves yo money for this one.  With that being said we believe Rocky WILL live long in this game and YES the album is dope! But if you’re still on the fence even after reading this post then waste your time and read another blog to see what they say… Naw f*ck dat just go buy the album cause we said so! If you think it sucks we’ll give you yo money back… Lol!

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP iTunes download

Dizzy… WHAT!?!?!

Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright

Yes we found another one for you, and we hope you like… Name, Dizzy Wright and he’s out of Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas is suppose to stays in Vegas but Dizzy Wright is an exception to the rule. This 21 year old emcee is here to make you listen because he has something to say. We wouldn’t say Dizzy Wright is just a conscious rapper but its very clear he’s not doing it solely for the ratchets. With that being said lets see what Dizzy is about.

With his latest mixtape titled SmokeOut Conversation Dizzy shows what he brings to the table. This is not a hard core gangster sound, so if that’s what your looking for more on to the next rapper. Dizzy Wright keeps the party jumpin’, mostly up-beat and positive flow. He brings the knowledge to a lot of his tracks making sure to drop something for your mind. With that kind of lyrical rang we are sure you will find a track or two you can dig. We’d say Dizzy Wright defiantly has the potential to be big, but only time will tell…

What do ya’ll think? Let us know if Dizzy Wright has what it take… Or are we off on this one??? Check the tracks and post back!!!

Wake Up

Can’t Trust Em

Nobody’s Teaching Game

The Real Rap Revolution

Kembe X

Kembe X

Have you ever been mind fucked? Do you even know what it means… If you look up the definition of this word, you will see that it doesn’t have a very positive connotation. But does that mean the word is negative? Better yet how do you describe a psychedelic mind fuck… We describe it as a mind-blowing 13 track mixtape titled Self Rule by Kembe X. A collection of songs that have been surgically produced, spit, and mastered. This isn’t your typical basic mixtape, this is Kembe X telling the world he is here to stay. This mixtape doesn’t show his potential it shows you the skill level of the future of #REALHIPHOP.

While you was up last week feeding your face and shopping on Black Friday this Chi-Town rapper Kembe X dropped Self Rule. After listening we hear some intent in this mixtape, not intent to hear some skill but an intent to spark the minds of his generation. With Kembe’s smooth laid back stoner-friendly voice he makes digesting his mind piercing lyrics easy. The complimentary production to his voice makes everything on the mixtape seem so bright. This mixtape walks you through Kembe’s  visions you’ll be amazed with he has the mind of an old wise man at the tender age of only 17…

This is simply G.O.O.D Music! The musical revolution that will not be televised, but will  be told NOT sold. Its a crime this mixtape is free, but since it is take advantage and listen. If we crazy let us know! If you agree let us know! Whatever you feel check the tracks and post back…

Don’t Quit

Give and Take ft Chance the Rapper


Do You Understand “Kids These Days”???

Kids These Days

Stumbled across this group last week and was initially blown away by what I was hearing, the sound of the horns to my ears felt as good as a breeze on a  humid 98 degree summer day.  In the first few minutes of listening I start looking for information about this group. Surprisingly, I find that this sound I thought was a group is classified as a band. What? A band? A band with real instruments! Bands are not usually associated with hip hop (but not unknown to the culture). So it immediately made me wonder, does it qualify as hip hop or NO??? And as I struggle to decide if I should write of this beautiful creation, I came across a fellow blogger Ido Lanuel whose post titled “How to Find the Root to Anything That Is Bothering You” brought me to this conclusion. Who am I to be the judge? The sound this band, Kids These Days, is creating is a great one. It is a great example to the youth and brings us all together with positive energy. Now that’s my vision for this culture and what I believe we are striving to help bring back! So that makes Kids These Days and their recent mixtape “Traphouse Rock” hip hop.

Kids These Days’ new mixtape “Traphouse Rock” is a fusion of Hip HopJazz, and Soul, with a twist of Rock that they blend perfectly to the point of making you feel happy on the inside. Each genre you hear rotates through from track to track controlling the mood of the song; with a wide range of emotions between every song. For example, you can look forward to hearing a very laid back sound with a down south feel of Soul/ Blues. And next an upbeat with a hip hop/ rock kind of feel. Granted I do think the listener needs to have an ear that appreciates real instrument sound, like a real sax or a real guitar player or a real drummer. Picture The Roots with a live band kinda… I don’t know it just sounds good!

But don’t just take my word, like I tell you every week, CHECK THE TRACKS! You will find at least one track you love. Then let us know we were right by leaving a comment and saying so (just kidding). But whatever you do, at least if you’re going to read this you might as well listen… Til next time, check the tracks and post back!!!

Wasting Time


Bud Billiken

Does this mean HIP HOP is Back?

Just finished listening to Creative Gold’s mixtape “Creative Thoughts VOL. 2” and it keeps my faith in #REALHIPHOP. I love music, I know music, and Creative Gold created platinum with this one. “Creative Thoughts Vol. 1”, his prior mixtape, showed he had the potential to create a buzz that he could build upon. With his latest mixtape, the Brooklyn raised rapper Creative Gold has struck gold. And this is the buzz I knew he could create!!! Now this mixtape is a platform to showcase the all around skills he possesses as an artist, rapper, lyricist…This kid is crazy good!

Creative Thoughts Vol. 2 has plenty different sounds with the production but he excels on EVERY last track. His range seems limitless, meaning he can jump on any track and kill it. Even better Creative Gold’s lyrics are scary beyond his life on this earth. The 18 year old rapper will blow your mind with his word play on the “Serial Killer” track. With his skills and young age it feels as if he’s a Lebron James of rap.

Understand where I’m coming from, download Creative Thoughts Vol. 2 and try not to feel this shit. The kid won’t be denied, he will blow!!! Check the tracks and holla back…

Pose for the Picture

The Fear/100

Serial Killer

Do Your Best, We Won’t Get Another CHANCE…

Chance the Rapper, you’ve never heard of him, but if you have I am surprised. Not because you shouldn’t know who he is, but because when something is new and different the mass tend to over look it… We specialize in the new and different, so it was easy for us to see. We noticed The Rapper and his clique in the middle of the year and his mixtape 10 days had just dropped. Not only was the mixtape super dope but the story behind the mixtape was almost better. Apparently Chance was suspended for 10 days and named the mixtape after this suspension. Now thats a grind right there!!!

10 days mixtape is a collection of songs that shows off Chance’s lyrical ability, it’s a great platform for his showcase. With production from Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies it has a perfect blend of the new school with an ol’ school sound. None of the tracks over power Chance or keep his lyrics from being on display. Chance the Rapper makes it known that he is the real deal, because every song gives you a window to look through and see what he feels. If you listen this mixtape will help you appreciate the hip hop life because this kid is the poster child right now…

We feel Chance is headed to the top, maybe not instantly or overnight but we wouldn’t be surprised. You will hear more about this kid so take this and share with the world! And with Chance the Rapper dropping a new mixtape soon I don’t think he will let us down. Now play the track (of course you’ll like’m) then go download the 10 Days mixtape and COMMENT homie COMMENT!!!

Fuck You Tahm Bout

Juke Juke

Hey Ma