You Ain’t Bout That JET LIFE…

Spitta Andretti is his name and this Jet Life is his game or maybe the mixtapes are his game. Whatever it is Curren$y stayed true to his game and dropped his New Jet City mixtape on Superbowl Sunday. Like the football game this mixtape is BIG! He brought everything together perfectly on this one, not that his other mixtapes are garbage, but this one is turnt all the way up! With the normally expected quality you get from Curren$y plus his always great production, then multiply this with extraordinary features and it equals a top mixtape of the year!!! Hope the competition is paying attention, because the homie Spitta Andretti is taking boys to school. If the New Jet City is a preview of the year to come get excited!

Curren$y New Jet City download

Curren$y New Jet City download


What’s The Thrill???

What motivates you… What keeps you going even when no one cares about the cause but you? I sometimes wonder how the artist we write about keep the hunger for so long. And how the talented few can keep their quality at such a high level. I guess that would be a million dollar question, because when you figure out the answer you make millions of dollars. As some artist do…This next artist, who I believe has the answer to this million dollar question is Phil the Thrill. A very crafty rapper out of  the VA, who I believe in the near future will capture hearts and dollas!

After coming across Phil the Thrill and listening to his track, (Exhale) I’m convinced he’s got what it takes to do this for a long time. Proven through the obvious talent displayed on every track. His latest mixtape sAMPLE Time II, and every mixtape before, he shows his word-smith and storytelling ability. Even at his young age his metaphors make him sound like a vet in this game, and it’s not those corny and predictable metaphors that most rappers are doing now a days… When Phil the Thrill raps it’s so easy to listen to him, plus he is so relatable and clever you can’t help but be a fan.  But don’t mistake his style as being “simple” because it’s not, but there is a calmness to him that you can hear in his lyrics. His flow and voice makes him sound as if he does this effortlessly. With this style Phil the Thrill won’t have any trouble growing his fan base.

So could it be that it’s so easy for those who are talented that they just keep going because it’s so easy, HELL NAW!!! (I don’t think…) Or maybe its just the ability of truly knowing yourself. In other words, this is who they are and maybe they are not motivated at all but they’re just being themselves, an artist, and the result of them being themselves is great music??? Idk, you be the judge.  Check the track & holla back…

Teal Sky

Sample Monae II

Tattoo Girl Interlude