Album Review: Dreams & Nightmares

This album is a must have for the simple fact that Meek Mills shows he’s the hungriest rapper in the game with this one… In my opinion Dreams & Nightmares continues to display Meek Mills ability in the art of storytelling, but at the same time, this album has its slight inconsistency. These inconsistency are highlighted on “Young & Gettin It” a track featuring Kirko Bangz, where Meek doesn’t seem to bring his all lyrically. Even so that isn’t enough to over shadow the clear hunger in his lyrics on any track. Don’t misunderstand though Dreams & Nightmare has some flaws (but what doesn’t) this album is still a must have!!! It truly increases the stock of Meek Mills, adding to his catalogue. From his two outstanding mixtapes, Dreamchasers 1 & 2, and the buzz around him since his signing with Rick Ross the best is yet to come from Meek Mills. If he keeps moving in this direction, you better not blink, because Meek Mills will soon enough drop a classic! And I will be one of the first to happily say “I TOLD YOU SO!!!”


Do Your Best, We Won’t Get Another CHANCE…

Chance the Rapper, you’ve never heard of him, but if you have I am surprised. Not because you shouldn’t know who he is, but because when something is new and different the mass tend to over look it… We specialize in the new and different, so it was easy for us to see. We noticed The Rapper and his clique in the middle of the year and his mixtape 10 days had just dropped. Not only was the mixtape super dope but the story behind the mixtape was almost better. Apparently Chance was suspended for 10 days and named the mixtape after this suspension. Now thats a grind right there!!!

10 days mixtape is a collection of songs that shows off Chance’s lyrical ability, it’s a great platform for his showcase. With production from Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies it has a perfect blend of the new school with an ol’ school sound. None of the tracks over power Chance or keep his lyrics from being on display. Chance the Rapper makes it known that he is the real deal, because every song gives you a window to look through and see what he feels. If you listen this mixtape will help you appreciate the hip hop life because this kid is the poster child right now…

We feel Chance is headed to the top, maybe not instantly or overnight but we wouldn’t be surprised. You will hear more about this kid so take this and share with the world! And with Chance the Rapper dropping a new mixtape soon I don’t think he will let us down. Now play the track (of course you’ll like’m) then go download the 10 Days mixtape and COMMENT homie COMMENT!!!

Fuck You Tahm Bout

Juke Juke

Hey Ma


Hot Underground Hip Hop, Mixtape Review

Album: Good Kid M.A.A.D City

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Good Kid M.A.A.D City is simple amazing. With this collection of lyrical stories within a story, the Compton grown rapper has a classic on his hands. If you don’t love at least EVERY track on this album, you can’t say you love Hip Hop. Don’t get all offended  that last line, lol. But I feel strong about this one, ( as you can see…) a story of a young man in the ghetto. A young man growing up in the streets of some of the toughest and deadliest streets in Amaerikkka. With 15 tracks of DOPE!!!, and I mean every last track is DOPE. Kendrick does not disappoint, and collabs well with everyone featured… Oh yea, and Young Money blesses “Poetic Justice”  with Janet on the track!!! With production from some names you may know like Pharrell, Just Blaze, and of course Dr. Dre. If you don’t plan to cop this one you crazy. An album that encompasses and captures an image of a black man growing mentally, in what could be called a war zone. THIS IS HIP HOP!!! YES I know it’s been a minute but WE BACK!!! Now check the tracks…