Album Review: @Skeme x Ingleworld

With this album Skeme has shown plenty of growth and development with his lyrics. Every album he drops is an improvement on the last and the latest, Ingleworld is no exception. Skeme is going to make waves this year, but would we say it’s Skemes’ year? Can’t make that call just yet… But we will tell you that this album is definitely a MUST BUY for all fans and new comers. Notice the word “BUY” mofo’s! With features including Wale and Iggy Azalea, Ingleworld shows Skeme’s versitility plus the production, trust us it’s worth the iTunes charge. But don’t just take our word check this sample.

Our Way

Skeme Ingleworld Album

Skeme Ingleworld Album


Yo New Favorite Rapper!!

This week in celebration of the 49’ers win to make it to the Superbowl we gone give y’all another one of the West’s best. If you haven’t heard of Dom Kennedy then we would suspect yo internet services aren’t working at yo residence… But for those of you who have heard we don’t need to tell y’all Dom is one of the slickest rappers in the game (meaning he’ll talk yo girl out her panties). In the middle of 2012 Dom dropped the Yellow Album which has had over 200,000 downloads, that’s like ghetto platinum or something!!! Listen will guaranteed Dom Kennedy will be your new favorite rapper, complements to his super smooth style and pimp-like flow the Yellow Album will have you wanting more. And with features from the like of Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, and Rick Ross shows you why this was on of the best mixtapes of 2012!!! SHUT UP & LISTEN!

Dom Kennedy Yellow Album

Dom Kennedy Yellow Album


The long awaited album from ASAP Rocky has finally hit the streets and it has hit with plenty of hype and a little controversy. From ASAP’s comment about Lil Wayne‘s choice of clothing to Rihanna‘s choice of recreational hobbies and whether the media tries to spin it to be negative or not, one thing is clear the album is positively a hit! ASAP has lived up to the hype, even with the overload of features which in most cases can be a red flag for disaster, ASAP has proven us wrong. With Drake, Skrillex, 2 ChainzSantigoldKendrick Lamar (twice people! he put Kendrick on the album TWICE!!!) and many more ASAP Rocky lets you know who’s album this is. Literally ASAP Rocky rips every track on this album and deserves yo money for this one.  With that being said we believe Rocky WILL live long in this game and YES the album is dope! But if you’re still on the fence even after reading this post then waste your time and read another blog to see what they say… Naw f*ck dat just go buy the album cause we said so! If you think it sucks we’ll give you yo money back… Lol!

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP iTunes download

ALBUM REVIEW: Alive & Living


ALBUM: Alive & Living

This new one from Skeme is one to cop. He doesn’t disappoint at all. With his distinctive raspy voice combined with his tougher than average lyrics keeps your ears glued. Production on the album complements his style perfectly. If your a #REALHIPHOP fan you can’t do anything but appreciate how Skeme stays true to the underground with the features on this album. No mainstream on this album, and I can dig that!!! Skeme shows he can hold his own along with underground artist like scHoolboy Q, Dom Kennedy, and Kendrick Lamar. Who I still consider underground, for now… Despite your opinion on who is or isn’t underground “Alive & Living” is a must have and is a prime example of QUALITY underground hip hop. So if you bout this life get the album!

Skeme Alive & Living


Hot Underground Hip Hop, Mixtape Review

Album: Good Kid M.A.A.D City

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Good Kid M.A.A.D City is simple amazing. With this collection of lyrical stories within a story, the Compton grown rapper has a classic on his hands. If you don’t love at least EVERY track on this album, you can’t say you love Hip Hop. Don’t get all offended  that last line, lol. But I feel strong about this one, ( as you can see…) a story of a young man in the ghetto. A young man growing up in the streets of some of the toughest and deadliest streets in Amaerikkka. With 15 tracks of DOPE!!!, and I mean every last track is DOPE. Kendrick does not disappoint, and collabs well with everyone featured… Oh yea, and Young Money blesses “Poetic Justice”  with Janet on the track!!! With production from some names you may know like Pharrell, Just Blaze, and of course Dr. Dre. If you don’t plan to cop this one you crazy. An album that encompasses and captures an image of a black man growing mentally, in what could be called a war zone. THIS IS HIP HOP!!! YES I know it’s been a minute but WE BACK!!! Now check the tracks…


Underground Hip Hop Mixtape Review

This is a compilation of REAL HIP HOP artist from this blog and some who are not… But all of it is HOT SHIT!!! (that means, it sounds good). From where I’m from being a DJ (which I am a real DJ) means that you master the art of mixing. Others may call it blending but whatever you call it you can’t deny it’s DOPE. If you check the artist we feature you can see we know what we talkin bout… If you can APPRECIATE the art of mixing and understand this is a skill, then you’ll love this. Listen to it! Download it! Love it!!! Check the Track, Post Back.

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HEAR THIS!!! Dreamchaser 2

A highly anticipated mix tape and I see why! This mix tape is CRACK I don’t even know how else to describe this shit, #isaidgoddamn!!! So lets have a “truth moment” I’ve been sleeping on Meek Mills. Yes I s it but now… I’m a front row fan. This ninja got skills and he’s putting them all on display with this mix tape. With 20 tracks Meek gives you plenty of material to critique and criticizes, but me personally couldn’t find any holes to poke in his flow. Before this mix tape I thought Meek Mills was just another gangster rapper with no substance. But he shows many different sides with a ton wisdom and such a hunger in his words. The features throughout are genius, from Kendrick to 2 Chains they all fit and it seem as if no one can out shine Meek Mills. This mix tape is a must HEAR! So don’t sleep on it…

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