{ Album Review } : @Kid_Ink x My Own Lane

So we can’t like them all, and this case we don’t. This week Kid Ink dropped his debut album “My Own Lane”  Kid Ink gets a lot of air time on the radio and after listening his latest we can’t understand how this will continue… He has so much potential but somewhere, somehow this album went down the wrong lane. Every track is mediocre, features are just ok, and nobody seem to put much effort into this project. To this point we wonder how much thought was put into this album. Its obvious this was something that was made to be commercial, and in some cases that kills quality. Which is exactly what we think happen in this 13 track waste of time. Even if you’re a ride or die fan we would recommend this one, but if you must have it I would download it from iTunes. We not telling you to download without paying buuuuut…. And if you don’t want to just take our word for it listen to it for yourself, we bet you won’t buy it!

Kid Ink My Own Lane


Album Review: @Skeme x Ingleworld

With this album Skeme has shown plenty of growth and development with his lyrics. Every album he drops is an improvement on the last and the latest, Ingleworld is no exception. Skeme is going to make waves this year, but would we say it’s Skemes’ year? Can’t make that call just yet… But we will tell you that this album is definitely a MUST BUY for all fans and new comers. Notice the word “BUY” mofo’s! With features including Wale and Iggy Azalea, Ingleworld shows Skeme’s versitility plus the production, trust us it’s worth the iTunes charge. But don’t just take our word check this sample.

Our Way

Skeme Ingleworld Album

Skeme Ingleworld Album


The long awaited album from ASAP Rocky has finally hit the streets and it has hit with plenty of hype and a little controversy. From ASAP’s comment about Lil Wayne‘s choice of clothing to Rihanna‘s choice of recreational hobbies and whether the media tries to spin it to be negative or not, one thing is clear the album is positively a hit! ASAP has lived up to the hype, even with the overload of features which in most cases can be a red flag for disaster, ASAP has proven us wrong. With Drake, Skrillex, 2 ChainzSantigoldKendrick Lamar (twice people! he put Kendrick on the album TWICE!!!) and many more ASAP Rocky lets you know who’s album this is. Literally ASAP Rocky rips every track on this album and deserves yo money for this one.  With that being said we believe Rocky WILL live long in this game and YES the album is dope! But if you’re still on the fence even after reading this post then waste your time and read another blog to see what they say… Naw f*ck dat just go buy the album cause we said so! If you think it sucks we’ll give you yo money back… Lol!

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP

ASAP Rocky LongLiveASAP iTunes download