Album Review: @Skeme x Ingleworld

With this album Skeme has shown plenty of growth and development with his lyrics. Every album he drops is an improvement on the last and the latest, Ingleworld is no exception. Skeme is going to make waves this year, but would we say it’s Skemes’ year? Can’t make that call just yet… But we will tell you that this album is definitely a MUST BUY for all fans and new comers. Notice the word “BUY” mofo’s! With features including Wale and Iggy Azalea, Ingleworld shows Skeme’s versitility plus the production, trust us it’s worth the iTunes charge. But don’t just take our word check this sample.

Our Way

Skeme Ingleworld Album

Skeme Ingleworld Album


Folarin from Wale

We gone be short and brief because its Christmas time people. The homie Wale has dropped Folarin! Its dope not that we needed to tell you that. But just to give you a little peek of what to expect besides pure musical bliss are a couple of features like Scarface & Nipsey Hussle… Excited yet? We know you are so just click the picture below & happy holidays!!! We going to enjoy family and the music and you should do the same… Til next time check the tracks & post back.


Folarin mixtape download


We back after eating everything in sight! Guess what? We have been here for a whole year, though it may not be a big deal to some we are excited!!! Doesn’t seem that long, time flies when your having fun, but a lot of writing has been done. We have learned a lot and look forward to learning more. We want to thank the followers and faithful readers, stick around we have a lot of great new artist and offers to come.  The road that has got us to this point was build on staying true to #REALHIPHOP and doing it for the love of the music.

Over this past year we have had lots of highs and what has constantly motivated us to our successes has been the music! This week our motivation is coming from  SOUL TAPE 2. Fabolous has done it again!!! If you haven’t downloaded this one yet you’re simply crazy. This mixtape will be a favorite by all who listen. From the heavy hip hop heads to a casual hip hop listener. Fabolous brings mad positivity delivered to you with only a swag that can come from him. If you’re a fan you know what we talking about, if you aint you will soon learn. With features from J. Cole, Wale, and Joe Budden plus much more has to spark some curiosity to check it out now… Just do it, DANG!

And once again Thank You: the Believers,the Fans, and the Music!!!! Now go download! Become inspired! And Do More!

Soul Tape 2 Download

HEAR THIS!!! Dreamchaser 2

A highly anticipated mix tape and I see why! This mix tape is CRACK I don’t even know how else to describe this shit, #isaidgoddamn!!! So lets have a “truth moment” I’ve been sleeping on Meek Mills. Yes I s it but now… I’m a front row fan. This ninja got skills and he’s putting them all on display with this mix tape. With 20 tracks Meek gives you plenty of material to critique and criticizes, but me personally couldn’t find any holes to poke in his flow. Before this mix tape I thought Meek Mills was just another gangster rapper with no substance. But he shows many different sides with a ton wisdom and such a hunger in his words. The features throughout are genius, from Kendrick to 2 Chains they all fit and it seem as if no one can out shine Meek Mills. This mix tape is a must HEAR! So don’t sleep on it…

Download Here:

I Like This Guy!

His name is Terrace Martin and he is about to re-introduce you to some real music. Now this is an experience of chilled vibes, the sound is very “r&b’ish”. If you’re looking for something different that’s not so hard and tough, then this is perfect! Terrace Martin has a very grown and sexy sound. Now don’t get it twisted he is hip hop and you can hear the gangster roots in some of his music. With that said I would describe him as a cocktail of Wale and Raheem DeVaughn mixed into one artist. So if you’re ready to hear some adult music and do what adults do… (if you know what I mean) then you need to load that iPod with some Terrace Martin.

Like I said Terrace Martin is adult music which has adult subject matter and sound to it. His lyrical style is smooth and so west coast. Yes he’s from the West!  Terreac’s lyrics are heavily based around relationships, life, and lust… along with a little reefer smoking and alcoholic beverage drinking. (Hahaha that was funny) This may be why his sound has such a chilled vibe to it. The beats he delivers on have a lot of horns, piano, and just an all around jazz feel to them. It’s something my parents may enjoy but at the same time it’s a sound that attacks the younger crowd also. Just to prove this, I was put on game about Terrace Martin by my 16 year old cousin Mark. (not that his name is important to know but…. whatever) His sound attracts all ages is what I am trying to get across, dang…

So fill up the iPod with some real music… Thought From Detention, Here, My Dear, and Locke High I am positive you won’t be disappointed with any of it. No matter what, let me know what you think (you know what that means) check the track n’ post back. Holla back next week!

U Keep Calling

Some Other Shit

Roll Up